Come Alive

by HUMANesque

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Recorded Dec 2015 - Feb 2016 by Luc Clement


released June 17, 2016

Vocals - Colter McQuiston, Guitar - Jeff Hutlet, Guitar - Kurtis Lacroix, Bass - Marshall Sparrow, Drums - Jordy Painter



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HUMANesque Portage La Prairie, Manitoba

Metal/hardcore band from Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada. New EP Come Alive out now!

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Track Name: Obsolete
Anxiety is building in our streets today. Security is just another power play. Our enemies are everywhere they can't be seen. Tragedy doesn’t belong to the TV screen. What if I told you that our lives matter? Could that really be a hard pill to swallow? A life of aggression, the cycle steamrolls you. Hatred breeds hatred nothing good will follow. What happened to us, where did we go wrong? Can we change this before we're all gone? Sons and daughters, brothers, sisters. Wives and husbands, fathers, mothers. Have all been taken to an early grave, because your minds have been enslaved. Somehow we think that violence will lead to progress. But where are we going? We build walls higher and higher, we bring days of fire. But what are we changing? Take me home I need to see your face. Take me home I’m scared I’ll be erased. Take me home, no this can’t be my fate. Take me home, my life can’t end this way.
Track Name: Ethosphere
Hear the words that I say. I’ve played my part in this play. The world will be stricken with plague unless we change our ways. Change our views, change the rules. We have no excuse. So let’s rise up, let’s fucking rise up now! Who will stop us? Who will mock us? Spit in the face of the powers that be, we’ll show them that humans are meant to be free. They won’t know what to say when we come knocking. They have sold their souls for this, it’s beyond talking. They won’t know what to say, their safety is drifting away. They have sold their souls for this. It’s a fucking disgrace. The walls of the suburbs, the walls of the city, shed blood red by the innocent, torn down so quickly. They lose, they lose to you. Who help them? I will never stand for this, the way that you treat souls. I had never planned on this I wanted to grow old.
Track Name: Paradigm
You spend your whole life trying to figure it out, trying to find your way in this fucking chaos. Everyone’s gonna tell you how to live your life. Make your own damn choices they say you don’t live twice. No matter what happens you have to do what feels right. It’s been said it doesn’t matter how slow you go, just as long as you don’t stop. Keep pushing forward, don’t let yourself give up. Sometimes what you have is what’s enough. Let me tell you there’s no sure path to choose. You gotta make your own purpose in this world. Make your damn choices. Dismantling the chaos, deciphering the truth.
Track Name: Quasar
Pick yourself up and dust yourself off this isn’t the end. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, feel the truth within. Open your eyes, understand why you need to keep on living. Live for yourself and for who you love, there’s always a reason! I thought I knew what to do but I fell into the abyss, and I missed the world in front of me. Don’t lose yourself to fear, your inner strength is real. Uplift yourself to new heights. Open your heart and take back your life! I knew that you’d say you couldn’t do it, I know you’ll try so hard to prove it. That isn’t any way to live your life. Break free from torment and the inner strife. Let your fire out! Erase your doubt!
Track Name: Sentinel
Sentinel drones above my head. I know I’d rather have my freedom instead. I don’t care if they want us all dead and gone. Movements always tracked feels so fucking wrong. Who will watch the watchers, who will save the saviors, who will break the breakers when it all comes crashing to the ground? Is enough ever enough for them? Once they’ve crushed us to the core, they’ll want more. All that you are is a house and a car, you’re a stat, you’re a number with a paper trail.
Track Name: Rejectamenta
Some of us dream for a future among the stars. Others lay awake they suffer and they starve. They’re dying in the streets because nothing is for free. We commit these great horrors in our pursuit of majesty. We leave a trail of darkness on the road to divinity. We humans, we are weak we think we're made of concrete. Our impact is fleeting. Our hearts are dark and greedy. Oblivion is looming, but we keep on pretending we're immortal, we're godly. We’re flesh and bone! Staring death in the face truly opens your eyes. As their glow fades irrational fears subside. Look what we've done we've corrupted ourselves, and our children. Soil turns to sand, we've soiled our hands in their blood. Suck the world dry and wonder why everything’s dying. We say we'll change, we'll stay the same, everyone's lying! Wake me up I will breathe again. Wake me up I’m waiting down here. Wake me up my heart is beating. I will claw right through the dirt! Wake me up my lungs are screaming. Wake me up my bones are breaking. Wake me up my soul is raging. I will rise up from the earth!